Chevy Chase, Andie MacDowell & Richard Dreyfuss To Star In Netflix Comedy ‘The Last Laugh’ | Film News


Netflix’s continued spending of big money on original content shows no signs of slowing down. The streaming giant has brought together a bevy of stars to lead their upcoming comedy film, The Last Laugh, which is set to head into production in New Orleans this week.


Chevy Chase, Andie MacDowell and Richard Dreyfuss are set to star in the film alongside Kate Micucci, Chris Parnell and Lewis Black. The film will be written and directed by Greg Pritikin.


The Last Laugh follows talent manager and widower Al Hart who reunites with former client Buddy Green after 50 years apart. Green, having given up his dream of performing stand up comedy to start a family all those years ago, is convinced by Hart to perform at a bucket list of venues across America, giving Green a glimpse at the life he could have had.


The film is the latest project to head into production for Netflix, and another one with an ensemble of big names. Director Pritikin, who has thus far only worked on various independent productions, will have his work cut out getting each star valuable screen time, especially with the notoriously hard to work with Chase on board.



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