Chinatown Market Debut A Brand New Exclusive Collection | Fashion News


After a successful collaboration with Eric Emanuel for the NYC JAM tournament, Chinatown Market release a brand new exclusive collection that is different and all about the graphics. Their lookbook photos are just as different and eccentric as the collection itself.


Released through Hypebeast‘s own fashion site HBX the range uses a lot of symbolism, featuring a lot of well known brands and iconic imagery but reworked. Images include Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, and The Pink Panther and brands include the legendary Blockbuster and Fruit of The Loom. The graphics are printed on long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts in a few different colours so the choice is yours.


Priced quite affordably between $40 and $48 USD, the Chinatown Market collection is available now on HBX but don’t take too long, some items are already sold out as we speak.


Have a look at some of the images below:









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