Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Sony’s Sci-Fi Romance ‘Passengers’ | Film News


After months of ‘will-they, won’t they’ Sony Pictures have finally given the greenlight to original sci-fi romance film Passengers, after the success of its lead Chris Pratt in Jurassic World.


Described as “‘Gravity’ with romance“, Passengers takes place on a spacecraft making its way to a distant planet with thousands of people in cryogenic sleep on board. When Pratt’s character wakes up early from cryogenic sleep, he chooses to wake up a female passenger (played by Jennifer Lawrence) to avoid 90 years of loneliness, sparking a relationship between the pair.


It ends months of rumours suggesting that Sony had baulked at supporting the film due to high production costs and the hefty wages of its two popular leads, which were expected to push the film’s budget to well over $120m. Lawrence alone is expected to receive over $20m for her role.


According to THR, though, Pratt’s success in Jurassic World – which pulled in over $500bn worldwide in its first weekend alone – settled the studio’s nerves about the project. Slated to be directed by Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game), Passengers is due to begin shooting this autumn.



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