Christian Dior Unveils Autumn 2021 Ready-To-Wear Collection | Fashion News


French fashion luxury brand Dior has had their moment at the Paris Fashion Week this week. The fashion show was obviously virtual due to the pandemic but it was beautiful as usual. The collection is titled Disturbing Beauty. The show happened in the Hall of Mirrors of Palace of Versailles.


Even though the pandemic is not letting us be all classy and chic with these Dior outfits, the collection needs to be seen and appreciated. It is, of course, the one and only Maria Grazia Chiuri who designed the collection, teaming up with an Italian artist Silvia Giambrone


The collection is quite dark regarding the color palette with black and red themes as well as the style that was chosen. The Italian Dior ladies were also inspired by the famous novel Beauty and the Beast with the flowing dresses mixed with the modern style.


The collection is very fairytale-inspired but with the Dior touch. Various materials were used to create these insane outfits as well as some of the most iconic outfits from our favorite childhood movies, like the red ruby shoes from the Oz or even some royal guards coats from the Steadfast Tin Soldier.


And as she said and I quote: “People don’t just want functionality and timelessness. They want desire, too“. The collection is made so that when we can really go out we can and enjoy the Bridgerton style outfits.


Watch the video here and enjoy some pictures from the collection as well.





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