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Christina Hendricks Joins ‘Bad Santa 2’ | Film News



The popular 2003 crude Christmas film Bad Santa is gearing up for a sequel. The comedy has quickly become a must watch for many people at Christmas. The first film saw Lauren Graham falling for the questionable charms of Billy Bob Thornton’s Willie Stokes, but looks set to replaced by Christina Hendricks in the sequel.


Thornton’s drunken criminal spent the first film as a Santa working in shopping malls so he could rob them but there is little detail known about the plot of the sequel. Tony Cox as Marcus and Brett Kelly as Thurman Merman (the best character name ever) are both returning with Mark Waters on directorial duties.


Hendricks is a great addition to the cast and was last seen in the underwhelming Ryan Gosling directorial debut Lost River. Lets hope the comedy sequel can live up to the expectation following the success and popularity of the first film.


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