Christina Milian 13.02.2016ANDREW


Singer/actress Christina Milan comes back with her first music project since 2006’s So Amazin’. Her December EP, 4U, includes the personal ballad “Liar”. This apparently is about infidelity concerning recent partner and collaborator, Lil Wayne.


Subdued, serious and insightful, it is a world away from the party pop of 2001’s “AM to PM”, with explicit and damning words alien seemingly to almost her entire career. This takes nothing away from the effort, though. What does, however, are decidedly odd lines like, “I’m just counting your condoms”. It seems like courting controversy for the sake of doing so, and turning something classy into something lurid.


The video itself is simple and introverted, concentrating on herself. There is a mirrored effect which conveys Milian looking at herself, as if to look within. It is kind of reminiscent, visually, of Rihanna’s 2012 effort “What Now”, with similar grey colour schemes but perhaps a smaller budget.




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