Christine Taylor Confirms Return For ‘Zoolander’ Sequel | Film News


After a lot of rumours and changes, Zoolander 2 finally got the green light back in November with the casting of Vicky Christina Barcelona actress Penelope Cruz. There have been little details since, but with this latest bit of casting news, the movie seems to be making a slow but happy journey to production. Good news for fans of the first flick because Zoolander original Christine Taylor confirms she’ll be returning for the highly anticipated sequel.


Here’s what she told Entertainment Weekly; “I can tell you that I’m involved, but that’s all I can say.  I can tell you it’s happening, but I can’t tell you where Matilda’s at and where their relationship is at.  It’s all top secret”.


At the end of the first movie, Taylor’s character, Matilda Jeffries, was living her happily ever after with Derek and their son. Considering her and husband Ben Stiller have starred in Dodgeball and< em>Tropic Thunder together, it would have been pretty strange for her not to return to her role. Here’s to hoping this sequel is actually going to happen now that Taylor is on board!



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