Christoph Waltz Confirms His Bond Character Is Not Head of Spectre | Film News


Once Christoph Waltz joined the cast of the new James Bond movie Spectre, fans immediately started to speculate as to which character he’d play. When it was rumoured that Waltz would play Ernst Stavro Blofeld, many assumed he’d play an evil genius character as traditionally, Blofeld is the head of Spectre, as in head of Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. However, now that the movie’s Twitter page has dubbed Waltz’s character as Oberhauser, what does this mean for his characters fate? Well, when Collider talked to Waltz outright about his role as head of Spectre, Waltz replied; “No. No. It’s more interesting than that”.


Well, we’ll just have to take his word on it for now but who knows what that cheeky Waltz is up to. Could this just be a bluff or is his character meant for even bigger things? Collider had an interesting theory that, if Waltz wasn’t playing Blofeld, then somebody has to and that it would be Monica Bellucci. Considering Bellucci’s character’s last name, Sciarra, means “habitational name from Sciarra in Palermo province, Sicily, named with a word denoting a volcanic area” and Spectre is run from a Volcano, that’s a theory we can totally get on-board with.



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