Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Will Hit Cinemas In July 2020 | Film News


Christopher Nolan – one of the few directors left who can get a blank cheque from a studio to make practically anything he wants – is one of the most popular directors working today, and we now know when his next film will be hitting cinema screens – July 17, 2020.


Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the title, the plot, or the cast, but any movement on a new Nolan project is something worth talking about. Currently, the only films slated to open that week are two animated films: Fox’s big screen Bob’s Burgers film and The Spongebob Movie, which will both probably stick around at that date as counter-programming to whatever Nolan gives us.


There is also an untitled event movie from Universal occupying that same date, but expect that to be moved in the wake of this announcement. As for the whole month itself, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s Jungle Cruise is set to arrive, as well as another animated film, Minions 2.


It’s not a surprise to see another July release for Nolan, as the month has proven to be mightily successful for him, with both Batman sequels as well as Inception and Dunkirk arriving in July. His reach and power was proven with the latter, which reeled in $527 million worldwide; very impressive for a World War II film.


So now the movie world will be waiting for any sort of news regarding what the film is actually about, although Nolan has somehow been able to avoid almost any leaks for his previous films, so who knows. We should at some point learn of the title, the casting, and the basic plot though. Bring on July 2020.



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