Chvrches Discuss Second Album – ‘Too Many Bands Throw Away What People Liked About Them’ | Music News


Chvrches have spoken to NME about what to expect from their upcoming second album, hinting that the record wont be wildly different from the signature sound that they debuted in 2013, with their first album The bones Of What You Believe. Their new album Every Open Eye is due for release on September 25. The band claimed that the recording process for the full-length was pretty easygoing, with the band only working “about six hours” a day on the release.


You come to it with a lot of anticipation“, instrumentalist Iain Cook said of the infamous notion of a second record. “It felt like for the longest time while we were on tour we were feeling the pull to get back into the studio. It just poured out of us. Too many bands end up throwing away the thing people liked about them in the first place“. Bandmate Martin Doherty added: “The album’s definitely still full of melancholy. There’s something about doing anything in Glasgow that drives you back to a kind of melancholy“.


Talking about the difference between the two albums, singer Lauren Mayberry commented: “The first album songs were around for a long time before the album came out. People could hear a lot of the songs on YouTube before they came to the shows. This [time round] will be different, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether the tracks we’re thinking about playing will connect in the way we’re imagining, whether the big live moments we’ve envisioned will turn out like that“.



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