Ciaran Foy To Direct Horror Thriller ‘The Shee’ For Blumhouse | Film News


Ciarán Foy (Citadel) has signed to direct The Shee for Blumhouse Productions. His second feature for the horror based production house – Foy’s Sinister 2 is released later this month – will focus on a young woman with a troubled past in 1960s Ireland.


In Irish mythology, the Shee (or Sìth) are a fairy-like folk who live in mounds beneath the ground. Their world coexists with the human plane, and they are known to appear as unimaginably beautiful or terribly hideous. Rife with abject otherness, these supernatural creatures are fiercely territorial and sure to terrorize any who trespass upon their lands.


The announcement of The Shee sees Foy joining the ranks of regular Blumhouse contributors James Wan, James DeMonaco and Scott Derrickson, and looks to continue the production company’s reign over mainstream horror.



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