City Park Unveil Exquisite New Single ‘New To The Neighbourhood’

Summer has arrived and so has the new single from Dutch duo City Park “New To The Neighbourhood”, which appears on their third EP About To.

With its light Indian tunes, the few guitar chords, and the sunny instrumental, the arrival of this track coincides perfectly with the arrival of summer. With its similarities to Still Woozy, it’s the perfect music to accompany summer dinners in the garden.

This 6-song EP is the most dynamic EP that Amsterdam duo Sjaak and Saux have made since the beginning of their career. And because of this, the fact that the duo are starting to get some notoriety by playing venues and doing radio shows, gives more depth and energy to their compositions.

About To evokes many topics from the lives of the two artists, new chapters with challenges and feelings. But also the doubts that appear in our twenties and the choices we have to make that will influence the rest of our lives.

Nevertheless, all this is conveyed in a light-hearted way, with a melody that makes you move your head and tap your feet, like in “New To The Neighbourhood”.

To listen to this music that will liven up your summer evenings with friends and family, just click below.


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