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“Cityside” the new single from indie alt-pop band STIIR is out this March 25, with a video! This single will be part of their upcoming EP Club Soda. The group is made up of three friends from North London: Ruben, Benny and Prem. They founded the group with a desire, to make music while having fun.


The indie pop-electro music group is influenced by many artists like Tame Impala, The Beach Boys and the Steevie Wonder‘s 70s. They had the support of Jack Saunders of Radio 1 and Annie Mac says she feels “head over heels” for the recent song “Heartstrings”.


Their next EP Club Soda, planned to be released on April 15, is a mix of addictive and fizzing alt-pop melodies and warped drum sample. For “Seasonnal Love”, they collaborated with producer Charlie Perry, who also worked with artists like Jorja Smith and Maverick Saber. It was important for the group to work with a producer who had worked with artists they love.


The band likes pop music because they can talk about a lot of subjects, whether light or darker, while keeping their music catchy and accessible. The band describe their music as more alternative pop.


Watch the video for “Cityside” here:




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