Classic Debbie Harry Photos To Be Unveiled At Somerset House Exhibition | Music News


1970’s divine, lyrical mastermind and front-woman of American new wave rock band Blondie from New York City, Debbie Harry is the latest vintage pop icon to be celebrated in rock ’n’ roll photography fashion. Her ex-lover and former band mate Chris Stein has revealed a wonderful and intimate collection of Harry during the peak of the bands career. Shots of Debbie Harry by Stein take you from classic New York rooftop shots and through to her mingling with the like of 80’s pop icon Chrissie Hynde.


The more private pictures from the collection feature Harry almost setting their apartment on fire, and there is one with a pale blue beautiful background where she sports a Halston dress, taken from a hotel room they shared. An exhibition for the collection opens at Somerset House in London on the 5th of November and remains there until January 25, 2015. This is a perfect opportunity for older rock fans to reminisce and new rock fans to learn of a classic era. Take a glimpse below and view all the photos here.




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