Classic Sci-Fi Novel ‘Roadside Picnic’ Getting TV Adaptation | TV News



Deadline reports that classic Russian sci-fi novel, Roadside Picnic, is becoming a TV show from WGN America and Sony Pictures Television. The show will be written by Jack Paglen who is currently working on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2, and directed by Alan Taylor (Terminator Genisys, Thor: The Dark World).


The novel, written by brothers Arkady and Boris Stugatsky, explores a world devastated by alien visitation. The extra-terrestrials’ purpose remains unknown, and with no physical presence forthcoming, Earth is left with a series of uninhabitable ‘zones’ in which strange events are said to occur, and the laws of physics no longer hold sway.


People who enter these zones in search of valuable artefacts are known as stalkers. These items are believed to be alien technology, however, they are often beyond human comprehension and can only be used at a fraction of their potential. Entering the zones does not come without risks, and many of those that do come back changed. Roadside Picnic was the basis of Andrei Tarkovsky‘s science fiction masterpiece, Stalker.



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