Classical Pianist Daniel Benisty Releases His First Rap Track ‘Anti-Rap Rap’

Daniel Benisty has released a dozen (slower) spoken word meditations set to jazz and cinematic music, but he has just released his debut rap track titled “Anti-Rap Rap”. It is a protest against existing rap conventions that repeat messages of machismo and misogyny while also having poor musical quality and being unoriginal.

Daniel, who authored all the lyrics, provided the vocals while longtime friend and collaborator Harrison Cole wrote the music in the old-school hip hop meets dramatic strings style. The rap’s primary grounds of contention with the hip-hop scene include machismo, misogyny, poor rhymes, and bland sound.

The song’s message is that the best authors in genres like jazz, poetry, and classic hip-hop will continue to exist and inspire future generations to seek out the best. The top-tier elements will emerge.

Daniel has spent the last 15 years writing original songs, teaching music, and performing as a piano bar entertainer, jazz pianist, musical director, singer/actor in musical theatre, classical pianist, musical comedian, and bandleader of The London Swing and Soul Band, which has performed at prestigious events like Embassy Balls, Weddings, Corporate Events, and Royal Galas.

Daniel enjoys listening to a variety of music, including spoken word, spoken word, jazz, hip-hop, house, funk, opera, and house.

Chopin, Puccini, Prokofiev, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, and lately Hans Zimmer‘s cinematic soundscapes and spoken word of Jack Kerouac and Levi the Poet are some of his key influences, according to him.

While traveling and living abroad in the 2000s, Daniel enjoyed a creative upswing. However, in the 2010s, he encountered a creative block and shifted his attention to performance and entertainment. Over 50 songs will be released in the upcoming year as a result of the strange events of the 2020s and the lockdown, which revived a spirit of introspection and creativity.

This first rap release “Anti-Rap Rap” from a classical pianist is full of cinematic and tidy tunes, quality lyrics, and excellent rap flow.

Listen and enjoy the new release below!


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