Claude VonStroke Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit?’ With New Mix | Music News



If you went clubbing at least once in your life, you have heard “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” The track – released in 2006 – literally changed the game in club culture and imposed Claude VonStroke as one of the most prominent figures in DJing of the past 20 years. The American producer decided to celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iconic anthem with the release of a special collection of remixes of the track, featuring the likes of Octave One and Marc Houle.


As well as having the track remixed by all-star producers, VonStroke decided to re-work the track himself, premiering a new mix which adds a new twist to the already iconic song: the new mix maintains the original infectious melody, but speeds it up and adds a whole new variety of percussions, as well as harder drops.


The new mix is accompanied by a suggestive video directed by Anthony Ernest Garth, featuring a masked up party-gang driving throughout a desolate city.




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