Clint Eastwood Casts Real Life Heroes For ‘The 15:17 to Paris’ | Film News


Clint Eastwood has taken the incredibly bold move in having Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone play themselves in The 15:17 to Paris, a film detailing the the three American’s interception of a terrorist attack on a train.


In the past, Eastwood has taken unconventional casting choices, namely choosing unknown actors for roles in his films as in Gran Torino. However, casting a group of men who aren’t actors at all is just that bit more unheard of. It’s certainly a risk, but with Jenna Fischer and Judy Greer also joining the film, I think we’ll just have to trust Clintwood’s marvel.


There had initially been a wide search for actors to play Sadler, Skarlatos and Stone, but Clintwood’s decision puts that search to an end. Younger versions of the actors have been cast, suggesting that the childhood of the best friends will be represented in the film as though leading up to the moment that changed their lives.


The film is based on the book written by Sadler, Skarlatos, Stone on the event, with the script written by Dorothy Blyskal. The film is to be executively produced by Jeffrey E. Stern and Bruce Berman.


The 15:17 to Paris continues Eastwood’s recent interest in real-life heroes, following American Sniper and Sully. Both were significant box office hits for Eastwood, so this next drama should do just as well.


Last year, Clint Eastwood presented Sadler, Skarlatos and Stone with Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Heroes Award. You can see the men’s speeches below.




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