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Clive Standen


It has been revealed that Clive Standen, known for playing the long-haired and treacherous Rollo on Vikings, will be starring in Luc Besson‘s TV adaption of Taken.


In it, he shall be playing a young Bryan Mills; the role made famous by Liam Neeson. However it’s not clear what will be ‘taken’ as he’s not married and his daughter isn’t even a glint in his eye yet. Perhaps he has a dog.


Of course the series may focus instead on his special forces days, where he learned his very particular set of skills. It is not clear what the series will focus on but for those worried for his character in Vikings fear not, he won’t be killed off. We hope. The plan is for Standen to complete work on Series 4 of Vikings before assuming his duties on Taken.


Alex Graves, director of six episodes of Game of Thrones (including the eye-poppingly good one where Oberyn Martell gets brutalised), has signed on as executive producer and as the series’ primary director. Expect violent and bloody things. There is currently no release date for the project.



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