‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Gains Global Support From Musicians | Music News

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As you may well know by now, a 14 year old boy in America was arrested yesterday when his inspired clock engineering was mistakenly labelled as a bomb. After bringing the clock into school to impress his teacher, the principal of the school was alerted and consequently Ahmed was apprehended and suspended from school. Naturally, the internet has gone into uproar about the events that took place and now some big name musicians have waded in with their opinions on the matter.


Pharrell Williams tweeted: “Ahmed, it’s innovative, curious, bright minds like yours who move humanity forward. You are our future. Keep inventing! #IStandWithAhmed”. RnB star Ne-Yo also used twitter to voice support: “Hey @istandwithAhmed, if you ever want to get into the world of music, let me know. #theworldisyours #IStandWithAhmed”. Further messages came from Talib Kweli, Janelle Monae and Russell Simmons. However, it’s certain that the high profile message came from President Obama who personally invited Ahmed to the White House for an astronomy night.



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