Close Talker – For The Sun | New Music


Cold weather always brings the warmest music, and the indie-rock quartet from Saskatoon Close Talker knows a lot about those heart-comforting melodies and beautifully arranged notes. The young band has already garnered much national reception, and I have the feeling they would be more than welcome across the pond. Close Talker has just dropped a brand new song from their second LP Flux titled “For The Sun”. It is a much more consistent track than what their whole first full-length album Timbers is, and that’s a clear sign of their uplifted self-confidence.


All their talent comprised in one only song set high expectations about their forthcoming album. The song is in this sense more dynamic, but preserves that mesmerizing voice and gentle rhythms, a steady cadence lowering at times but keeping the passion to let the backing vocals have their go on the chorus. The whole song is a unique piece. Flux will be released on November 4 via Nevado Music. Stream “For The Sun” below.




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