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Slipknot percussionist, backing vocalist, and co-founder, Shawn “Clown” Crahan, revealed in an interview that he has been creative during the pandemic, which means that he might have written new materials for Slipknot’s music.


In his interview, he was really vague and didn’t give any numbers of pieces of music, but what we know is that something is on the way for sure. This song-writing session is to create the follow-up to their 2019 We Are Not Your Kind album.


Even if Clown didn’t share specific details he mentioned that “Everybody just needs to know I’m in my basement, with my stuff, doing my thing, with my friends, the way we want to. There’s no one telling us anything…


And Corey Taylor has gotten almost all of it and partaken on almost on all of it, which has made it a completely other sorts of weird thing. But I’m going on record right now that we could be talking about one song.”


He also stressed out that possibly everything or nothing that he has been doing could be used, saying that “nothing is ever done” until “everyone in the band has had their say.” He also pointed to the fact that Slipknot DJ, Sid Wilson, still needs to hear the new materials and that should be done soon.


The fact that the band was using some of their downtimes during the coronavirus in order to create and to work on new materials was confirmed back in October by Crahan.


In early 2020, the band revealed that they had thought about releasing an album of more “experimental, psychedelic” on Christmas Day 2019 entitled Look Outside Your Window, but this one is still on the shelf. This album was recorded by four members during their 2008 album All Hope Is Gone sessions.


Later they confirmed that the album is “ready to go” but will be released when the band can properly prioritize it. Clown added that it can’t interfere with Slipknot’s other commitments.


We are still waiting for more information, but a new Slipknot album might see the day sooner than we think!



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