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Club Paradise – Closer | New Music


Tyneside four-piece Club Paradise have been slowly making their way through the scene with a handful of singles on their back so far. Not resting on their laurels, they return with their latest sizzler “Closer”.


With high-energy production from the offset, “Closer” is bubbling with vibrancy. Indie-rock style meets shimmering electronica. Lead singer Ryan Young’s vocals are a focal point, complementing the brilliant storytelling that makes Club Paradise such a relatable quartet.


Summarising the sentiments, Young puts it best: “Closer is about that unforgettable first time you meet someone. The whole track is centred around the idea or image that you’re in a bar, the music is blasting and everyone is having a great time – you start talking to someone and there’s an instant click but, you don’t really know them.”



“You want to keep talking to them, but it’s too loud to conjure up anything meaningful – suddenly you’ll find that the simplest words have left your brain in a sheer state of panic, and you’ve got nothing at all to say so you’re just kind of awkwardly bobbing to the song thinking “right where do we go from here?!”


Continuously honing on their sound while consistently delivering masterpieces, “Closer” is another promising release from Club Paradise solidifying themselves as a breakout name for 2019.



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