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Finally, the Clubhouse social network, which has so far only been available to users of the iOS system, opens up to Google for Android users. A long-awaited deployment that intends to remedy a decline in traffic for the app.


The launch will take place in the United States only at first, but the rest of the world should benefit in the upcoming days.


Actually, Clubhouse visitor numbers are starting to decline, which could point to why it has been extended to Android users. In February, 9.6 million downloads were recorded on the Apple AppStore, then 2.7 million in March, and only 922,000 in April.


A significant and quite alarming drop, that is to say a vertiginous fall of 90% in two months. Opening up to Android is therefore a strategy for the app to find a new impulse.


These difficulties could be worsened due to the arrival of many competing services, starting with Spaces, the copy of Clubhouse created by Twitter, which already has a large part of its functions available to all Internet users, whether they use iOS or Android.


Other giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn are also working on their own versions.


The Clubhouse application is a social network that uses voice exclusively through chat rooms that you can open for your friends and outsiders. It’s a kind of audio chat.


When you sign up, you select topics of interest, such as technology, books, business or health. The more information you give the application about your interests, the more chat rooms and people the application will recommend you to join or follow.


Plot twist: Android as with iOS remain for the moment on the invitation model, you can not create an account without one. Every new member has to be invited by an existing user, making access to this application more difficult and creating a somehow privileged feeling to its subscribers.



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