Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime | Music Video

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Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime | Music Video

Coldplay Adventure Of A Lifetime


In the middle of a jungle, four apes discover something underneath a pile of fallen leaves. It’s a speaker and Coldplay‘s “Adventure Of A Lifetime” plays, causing the apes to start dancing. The fun-loving computer generated apes are all based on the looks and movements of each band member. They dance, play instruments, and inspire an elaborate mass dance routine. What more could anyone want from a music video?


The six-month project was directed by Mat Whitecross and the animation/performance capture was undertaken by the Imaginarium studio. To see how the video was created, click here for a Guardian exclusive. “Adventure Of A Lifetime” will feature on upcoming album A Head Full Of Dreams which can be pre-ordered here. You can watch the video via Facebook.



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