Colin Farrell Set To Join ‘Inner City’ Cast | Film News

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Colin Farrell Set To Join ‘Inner City’ Cast | Film News


A few years ago, Nightcrawler was released to critical acclaim. No biggie, most thought, it starred the ever-dependable Jake Gyllenhaal after all. Then everyone realised that director Dan Gilroy had never stepped behind the camera before and yet created something most decades old auteurs would have been proud of. It’s safe to say everyone was suddenly excited about what this guy would do next.


Well, ‘next’ equals Inner City, and it’s just added a new cast member.


Colin Farrell is currently in negotiations to join the project, which has already signed on Denzel Washington and is set to begin production in Los Angeles in March. Gilroy will write and direct yet again.


The film will star Washington as a hard-nosed lawyer who’s been forever in the background, who suddenly gets thrust into the spotlight on a major case after his partner suffers a heart attack. Details about his firm’s history come to light, leading to “an existential crisis that leads to extreme action”. Farrell is set to play a slick, money-focused (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) lawyer in the film.


Sounds pretty intriguing. Gilroy learned his craft as a screenwriter on films like The Fall and The Bourne Legacy, but it seems his real legacy will be defined behind the camera. Farrell and Washington now get to be a part of that.



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