Comptoir Libanais Shares A Special Menu For Ramadan | Culture


Comptoir Libanais have teamed up with their founder Tony Kitous to create a special menu for the Ramadan period in order to spread love and consciousness about inclusivity, what is said to be the heart of the festival.


The dishes on their menus are cooked by mothers from all over the Middle East and North Africa and are based on tradicional recipes. The set menu has a price of £24.95 per person and will be available during Ramadan, starting on May 15 at 6pm until June 14 in all 22 restaurants around the country.


Tony said that Ramadan is a special time in Islam as it is when families and friends get together and enjoy breaking their fast in the evening. It is about sharing and appreciating, having their beloved people around them, celebrating their culture and being thankful for everything they have.


Kitous has taken inspiration from his childhood and now he feels like he is the one putting on the feast in the evening for his mum and family.


The feast menu starts with something light to break the fast, and continuing with some of their most special dishes such as Lamb Harira, Samboussek and Mouhalabia.


The founder remarks that he hopes everyone to join them for the feast and celebrate that special time together!









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