Corey Taylor Compares Pop Music To ‘Being Stung By 1000 Bees At The Same Time’ | Music News


In a recent conversation with Loudwire about his new book You’re Making Me Hate You, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor discussed his problems with the “canned and processed” pop music of today, saying that, “I feel like I’m being stung by 1,000 bees all at once, it’s so Auto-Tuned and it’s so beat corrected and it’s so canned and processed and lifeless. You might as well be listening to a f—ing piece of wood at that point“.


He added that, “it bothers me, because I put so much into everything I do, I put so much into my music, I bleed for it, I die for it every god damn night. To watch these people basically let a computer go through the motions and do all the work for them, it’s insulting to everyone out there who has more talent and less attention“. Known for being controversial and divisive, Taylor recently made news after criticizing Kanye West’s claim to being the world’s biggest rockstar stating “you kinda remind me of the guys who brag about p***y, they never get as much as they brag about”.




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