Cornelius Walker Debuts Dark And Thrilling Short Film ‘Nobody Else’ | Film News


23 year-old Essex filmmaker Cornelius Walker has just debuted his highly anticipated short film
Nobody Else, which was premiered on BloTV’s Screened Nights earlier in the month. Upon its digital release soon after, Nobody Else has sparked a strong interest from film lovers around the world and recognition from leading film tastemakers, some of which have described Walker as a “filmmaker with a vision”.


Sparked by a quote from “Smoking Gun” from British singer Daley, “I tried to make you understand now there’s blood on my hands”, Nobody Else is a bloody romantic drama thriller which tells the story of a young woman who is obsessed with her past-lover. She goes to extreme lengths to win his affection again, destroying blockages in her path, but he’s moved on and nothing can convince him to take her back, so she takes matters into her own hands. Watch Nobody Else in full below.




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