Could Brainiac Be New ‘Justice League’ Villain | Film News


Exciting news for DC fans, with the Justice League movie blowing full steam ahead, the next rumour to hit the internet is that crazed villain Braniac, may just be the guy to take down some of our favorite heroes. According to Latino Review, Brainiac will be the next big boss in the Justice League world, as well as The Suicide Squad, featuring a line up of some big, bad villains who will take the Justice League by storm!


Braniac, who’s usually associated with Superman in the DC world, is an alien best known for controlling robots and cyclones – a hot topic in the film world right now. Excited for the prospect of having a Brainiac villain? Who do you image in the role? Along side him, you’ve got the menacing Suicide Squad, a gang of seven villains including –Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi, MindBlogger, Harkness, Vixen and Deadshot! Exciting stuff!



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