Counterfeit Fashion: Its Growing Trade And Crackdown | Fashion News

CHINA – DECEMBER 05: Counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags waited for customers in a counterfeit goods’ store that was raided by Hong Kong customs in Hong Kong, China, on December 2, 2005. (Photo by Lucas Schifres/Bloomberg via Getty Images)



It’s easy to purchase counterfeit bags and shoes in the local market or online. For some products, it’s completely obvious they’re not the real McCoy but some need closer inspection to find their give away details. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office reported that more than €320 billion of counterfeit items were sold last year.




Fake imports are often seized and popular brands counterfeited are usually American, Italian and French labels. The imported products are largely shipped in from China and Hong Kong, with roughly 63% of the trade originating from the countries.


There’s recently been a crack down in the fashion industry over counterfeit fashion imports with Kering and LVMH showing their allegiance to the diminishing copycat duplicates. The companies have even filed lawsuits against online companies allowing the sell of the trade, even targeting Ebay.




The uprise in attention to the counterfeit fashion trade has sparked uproar from two sides. Some believe fashion is an art and its disrespectful to the designer to duplicate to inferior quality. However others have argued it supports elitism within the industry, as only those with money are able to wear designer. One thing is for certain, things are set to change for the trade of fake goods.



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