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Craig David releases his new song “One More Time”, the third single off his up-coming album Following My Intuition, his first in five years. Much like his previous two singles, the song resonates 90’s garage yet modern enough to make you slightly question whether you are listening to his greatest hits or his new single.


The song is instantly catchy and makes you reminisce how many actual classics, he has in his discography. He also experiments with rapping which he is so fluent at, you would be surprised that this is the first single, off his up-coming album, to not have a feature.


David has truly found the sound that makes him stand out in the music industry and is smashing his comeback, saying his time away has been “a blessing in disguise”. “One thing I learned is everything happens for a reason. I got this hunger again… I was listening to all these artists coming out and I thought, ‘I’m going to come back and smash this so hard, not for anybody else but for myself’“.




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