Craig Green Autumn/Winter 2019 Campaign Explore Strength And Fragility | Fashion News


London-based designer Craig Green has confirmed his unique position among London’s most innovative talents and continues to gain both critical and commercial successes globally. Through his past works, he had explored the concepts of uniform and utility by developing designer garments based on emotional and dramatic quality.


Yesterday, the designer revealed his Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign with the collaboration of photographer Dan Tobin Smith, set designer David Curtis-Ring and stylist Robbie Spencer. Main feature of his sculptural campaign is a serie of hanging human bodies, yet sustained by a mix of natural and synthetic materials which seem to be fragile, but together are strong enough and capable to support the whole structure.


“I was thinking of this man made of glass, and that idea doesn’t have to mean fragility. It can also mean strength”, he said.


The sculpture is photographed with an eclectic use of polarized light that diffuses new colors from iridescent materials, as he explained “we wanted to do something that was about seeing the same object in two completely different ways, almost like the reality of something versus the fantasy, or of the truth versus the memory”.


With this piece of sculptural art, Craig Green not only presented his new campaign, but also reconfirmed his ability to face the physicality of bodies, showing the profound complexity of his creative mind, even touching on points of transcendence.


Look at some pieces of the new collection below:









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