‘Creed II’ Official Trailer Starring Michael B. Jordan And Sylvester Stallone | Film Trailer


Following the release of the first poster for the movie, MGM has decided to debut the first trailer for Creed II.


The trailer anticipates what we already knew about the plot. Michael B. Jordan returns as the conflicted fighter Adonis Creed. Torn between his new life and the ghosts from his family’s past, Adonis will learn the hard way that, no matter what, he can’t escape his past and he will eventually have to chose what is really worth fighting for.


On the notes of Kendrick Lamar‘s “DNA“, the trailer follows Jordan as he prepares for his next big fight with Ivan Drago’s son Viktor. The build up to what will most certainly be the most cathartic moment of the film is well played and it takes us exactly where we need to be: urging Creed to face his demons, but at the same time secretly hoping that he won’t do it.


Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as former fighter and mentor Rocky Balboa, who tries to warn a stubborn Adonis that he has “people that needs him now” and, therefore, has “everything to lose”. The role as adviser and trainer, that has served Stallone Oscar’s buzz the last time, is a great counterpart to Michael B. Jordan’s juvenile impetuosity and it will definitely help deliver a great performance by the two.


The movie will hit theatres on November 21 and also star Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago, Florian Munteanu as Viktor Drago and Tessa Thompson as Bianca.


Check out the movie trailer below:




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