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Creed: The ‘Rocky’ Legacy Continues | Film News



With the last Rocky film Rock Balboa becoming a distant nightmare that all beloved Rocky fans would rather forget it seems hope is set to be on the horizon with the release of Creed scheduled on November 25, 2015. Creed has already been hyped up be many fans as a film which is ready to rescue this ageing and declining franchise from its ruin by providing the vital new material it needs to help maintain a strong audience and consumer following.


Michael B Jordan is to portray Adonis Johnson Creed a disgruntled young boxer whom seeks the help and guidance from veteran boxer Rocky Balboa with the eventual goal to achieve boxing success and glory. The filming for Creed started in England on January 19, 2015 but later moved to Philadelphia. Creed is to be directed by Ryan Coogler whom already has previous experience collaborating with Michael B Jordan in the past and has been specifically asked by Warner Bros to direct this particular film.


The new film has gone to great effort to establish old ties with the original film with Ryan Coogler incorporating Apollo Creed’s influence into the narrative. It is too soon to produce a verdict on Creed as still is yet unknown regarding how this new film instalment of the Rocky franchise will go down with film critics however their is no doubt that Creed will deliver the high impact and fast moving drama that all Rocky fans desire to see on the big screen.



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