Cristobal And The Sea – Fish Eye | New Music


London-based group Cristobal And The Sea have given us a taste of their new album Sugar Now which is to be released on October 2, with the track “Fish Eye”. Between the four members of the band, the group has roots from Spain, Portugal, France and London, however their style cannot simply be pinned to one location.


The track maintains light melody sounds with soft dipping vocals resonating over a summery sound, stylistically similar to The Beach Boys and Sting, however with a more mystical, church-like echo to it and a unique sweetness with a folky pop sound. The name of the song, a reference to the camera lens, is a visual image of the transcendental sound itself (in effect). The group will be performing in London on the 11th of September at Green Man Courtyard Festival, and October 2 at Birthdays in Dalston, get tickets here.




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