Critics Are Hating On ‘Dirty Grandpa’ | Film News

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Critics Are Hating On ‘Dirty Grandpa’ | Film News



There was a time when Robert De Niro could do no wrong – in films such as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. But then he turned his hand to comedy in movies such as Meet The Fockers, with mixed results. Now he’s starring in Dirty Grandpa, with Zac Efron, in a film generating some of the worst reviews I’ve EVER seen, with one critics likening it to ‘dog mess’ that you step over on the pavement to avoid. Ouch!


Here are what the other critics are saying about Dirty Grandpa:


The Times: “A sleazy comedy spurting unfunny jokes.”


Little White Lies: “The ugliest film in recent memory.


Killer Movie Reviews: “A grotesque affront not just to comedy, but to humanity as a whole.


I doubt De Niro will be that bothered, but some of those reviews will surely bruise his ego, no? Check out the Dirty Grandpa trailer to see if you agree:




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