Crown Commons Have Released Their New Single ‘Some Things Don’t Change’ | Music News


After their last single “Alright Again” released earlier this year, London rock band Crown Commons, made up of four musicians in their mid-twenties, have just released a brand new single “Some Things Don’t Change”.


The four Crown Commons musicians come from South London, Brixton and its horizons. They moved there after university about 5 years ago. Much of their music is inspired by their lives and experiences in South London, be it the nightlife of Brixton, the desire to own a flat there and the high rents, the love lives and their dating applications, and the willingness to make beautiful encounters.


On the single “Some Things Don’t Change”, the four artists encourage everyone to resist the routine of London working life from 9 to 5. They encourage all people who love music, writing and all forms of art not to forget their passion by falling into a work routine to achieve a promotion.


They remind us that in life, we must not forget what it makes us move forward and be ourselves just to have a great career. In this period of confinement, this song gives us motivation and makes us remember what is really necessary in life. It’s a great way to get off to a good start!


Listen to it here:




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