Curren$y – Supply & Demand | Music Video

Curren$y 28.04.2016ANDREW


By now, we should be used to the damn near daily drops from Curren$y. The rapper’s grind just never ends. After dropping a double visual for “Enter/Kilo Jam” earlier this week, he is back with the second video from his latest mixtape, called The Legend Of Harvard Blue. Following “Supply & Demand” will be video number three, “The Collective”.


“Supply & Demand”, the track itself, is dramatic and foreboding with piano setting the rather dark scene. The song proper begins with rattling drum, a rattlesnake coiling like a spring to attack. Judging by the title, it is daresay about the supply and demand scenario for a drug dealer. It fades out with that tinkling of the piano, deft and light of touch, but tough.


In terms of the video, it is the typical fare indicative of the majority of the genre, these days. Smoking weed, big fancy cars and general posturing. Some pretty cool murals on the hard, hard streets, though. These feature gangsta rap scenarios and, perhaps, the one that started it all, Al Pacino’s Scarface.




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