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After going through the rumour-mill for what seems like months and enduring endless ‘Tomb Rey-der’ puns, we finally have an answer from Daisy Ridley herself on whether she will be playing the legendary Tomb Raider.


Speaking at the Empire Awards, Ridley confirmed “there have been conversations.” It may not be a firm yes, but it is a promising start.


Rumours that Ridley was starring as Lara Croft in a reboot of the Tomb Raider films began circulating a couple of weeks ago and gained a huge amount of attention. Playing it coy, Ridley claimed that although she has had several meetings with the powers that be on the production, “meetings don’t mean you’re going to do the film.


However, she did recognise the understandable support she has received from her fans as well as fans of the franchise; and who can blame them for wanting it to be Ridley who brings back the most badass female video game character of all time after appearing as the equally badass Rey in The Force Awakens?


It was originally a role made famous by Angelina Jolie in 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and again in 2003 with The Cradle of Life, but Tomb Raider has been an immensely popular series since its debut game in 1996. In 2013, the series went through a reboot and received praise for its younger depiction of Lara in an origin story. Should Ridley be the one to star take over from Jolie as the super-heroine, it would mirror the progression of the video games.


It has recently been announced that Ridley’s The Force Awakens co-star, Harrison Ford, will be returning to star in a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Seeing as Ford will be 77 when the film finally does come out, it would be a fair bet that Indy will go the way of Han Solo; which would leave Ridley to fill the grave-digging archaeologist void he would leave.



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