Dakota Fanning Stars In New Trailer For ‘Effie Gray’ | Film Trailer


Written by the marvelous Emma Thompson and directed by Richard Laxton comes a new drama based on the real life story of the mysterious marriage between child bride Effie Gray and art critic John Ruskin. The new film, Effie Gray, stars Dakota Fanning and Greg Wise as the famous duo and intends on showcasing the troubled relationship they shared. With Thompson also starring, there are high hopes for a great period drama and with Laxton more familiar with television work (Him & Her), it will be a great opportunity for him to flex his big screen directorial muscles. The trailer has a very strange, somber tone but looks like it could be a very intriguing storyline. Co-starring Tom Sturridge, Robbie Coltrane, James Fox and Julie Walters; Effie Gray hits theatres in the U.S on April 3.



Source: Collider 



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