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Dallas-based singer and songwriter Kiefer Detrick has released his second folk single “California”. In a musically and thematically way, he follows up on his debut single “Heaven When We’re Through” and tells a story about personal growth.


Kiefer grew up in a family of music educators in Dallas and started writing music at an age of 13. Shaped by his christian environment his music is soaked by spirituality. With his lyrics he tries to connect to the deepest parts of his listener’s humanity.


After graduating college with a degree in Music Education, Kiefer indulged in his passion of writing music and started a career as independent artist. With his folk and acoustic embossed music he quickly picked up local success.


Now Kiefer is working on his first studio EP which was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by himself and his close friends, without using any professional local studios or producers. The DIY project will include 5 songs and is set for release in November 2020.


For Kiefer music is kind of a therapy and an opportunity to reflect on emotions. In his brand new single “California” he deals with his move to California and how to find true freedom. In the song he points out “the idea that freedom from one’s pain, baggage, anxiety, loneliness, is not something that can be gained by simply making a change to one’s external environment”.


In his opinion people often try to find their inner contentedness in daydreaming about the future and end up in “an endless loop of false hopes”. With his music he tries to express that true freedom and peace only can be reached by looking at your true self.


More detailed “California” tells the story of a couple who thinks their problems will go away if they can just move to California to find “all the answers of the riddles of tonight.” Listen to the calm and pensive folk song below.




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