D’Angelo Makes Poignant Statement With ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance | Music News


After fourteen years, D’Angelo recently released his third album Black Messiah, and now he has made his first television appearance on Saturday Night Live. D’Angelo was the show’s music guest star this past weekend, where he performed two songs “Really Love” and “The Charade” from his latest album, along with his band The Vanguard.


During the performance of their second song, D’Angelo and his band made a dynamic statement by wearing “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breath” t-shirts, the latter being a reference to the death of Eric Garner. D’Angelo wore a hoodie as a tribute to Trayvon Martin, while behind him was a chalk outline of a body as an acknowledgment to the death of Michael Brown. All three were Black men killed by US police officers in 2014.





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