Daniel Briskin + Alista Marq – Colder Homes | Music Video


Daniel Briskin, while only 16-years-old, is proving that despite his age, he has the talent to go far, crafting an eclectic sound that’s finessed by his soothing R&B vocal. His statement of intent comes in the form of his latest track “Colder Homes” which features North London based rapper Alista Marq and comes with poignant visuals.


“Colder Homes” is a shining example of the type of sound he is striving to make… it’s a smooth blend of R&B and subtle pop, reminiscent of the likes of Khalid and Kehlani. A song about young love and lyrically inspired by Frank Ocean, Daniel subtly plays in ambiguous lyrics that provokes the listener to delve deep into the concept of the slow-burner.


The accompanying video really captures the essence of the song as it pans out the highs and lows of young love in a budding relationship, from the ‘honeymoon phase’ to the possible ‘growing apart phase’ seen through the perspective of an everyday couple. It’s a reminder that we are all human and not immune the harsh realities love sometimes brings.


Briskin says: “I don’t like it when artists tell you how you should feel in a song. I try to keep things balanced between the vague and specific so people can form their own opinions on the songs. I think that’s missing in pop culture today…”





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