Daniel Briskin – Come With Me | New Music


Following on from his last release “Colder Homes” with Alista Marq, North London based singer/songwriter Daniel Briskin is back with the charming, hazy alt-R&B track “Come With Me“.


“Come With Me” is the embodiment of summer. Briskin’s smooth alluring vocals flow over a simple, infectious electronic production. Aforementioned, the track is hazy and daydream-esque and reminiscent of the beginnings of a new relationship and the blissful stage where you lust after each other.


Daniel says: “‘Come With Me‘ I feel comes from a place of nostalgia. Growing up around music from the 70’s and 80’s, I strove to try and create a sound that could easily fit in then and now. On the other hand, the lyrics come from a place of first-hand experience. It’s about a connection you feel with someone where all you want to do is be with them and get away, hence the lyric ‘come with me'”.




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