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Toronto-based artist Daniel Monte has just shared his latest single “Not the Last Goodbye”, from his debut album Familiar, out on January 11, 2020. Daniel has a classical music background, with over ten years of training in violin and piano, which he blends with contemporary pop sounds, featuring electric guitars and synthesizers.


“Not the Last Goodbye” is a powerful song about love and war, since it takes the voice of a soldier longing to return to the one he loves, due to the heart-breaking conditions of war. The harrowing lyrics outlines a letter written by the soldier to his wife, promising that he will do all he can to return to her in spite of the danger he is in.


The song starts with a delicate piano/voice part, before the emergence of orchestral sounds, with powerful marching drums and violin solos, which help the song to gain an eternal vibe. The track ends as the first verse is revisited, this time from the perspective of the soldier’s wife as she reads the powerful words contained in the letter.


The two different perspectives allows the listener to empathize and identify with the two characters. Apart from that, this atmospheric song is overall defined by a romantic vibe and the powerful voice of the singer.


To celebrate the release of his new album, Daniel will headline a live show on January 11, 2020 at George Ignatieff theatre in Toronto. In the meantime, listen to “Not the Last Goodbye” below:




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