Daniel Radcliffe Joins Channing Tatum & Sandra Bullock In Action Romcom ‘The Lost City Of D’ | Film News


Daniel Radcliffe has signed on to join Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in action romantic comedy The Lost City Of D.


Adam and Aaron Nee are directing from a script by romcom veteran Dana Fox (The Wedding Date, What Happens in Vegas), with the original idea coming from Horrible BossesSeth Gordon.


The film was first announced last October. Paramount was looking to re-team Bullock with Ryan Reynolds after their successful pairing in 2009 romcom The Proposal. When Reynolds wasn’t able to do the film, Tatum was brought on board as a more than capable substitute.


The film will follow Bullock’s reclusive romance novelist who gets stuck on a book tour with the airhead cover model from her latest release. However, a kidnapping attempt throws the two headfirst into a jungle adventure. Radcliffe will play the villain in what sounds very Romancing The Stone-esque.


The Lost City Of D – a totally bizarre title by the way, since it’s presumably riffing on James Gray‘s 2016 film The Lost City Of Z? A great movie but not exactly one that’s stuck in the pop culture conscience enough to warrant a parody title – is reportedly a high priority project for Paramount.


Bullock has scaled back her onscreen appearances over the last decade, so when she’s on board to star in something, the studio is going to take it seriously. She is also producing the film.


This is another Radcliffe role where it’s clear he’s trying to get away from being typecast as Harry Potter as much as possible. In recent years he’s played a corpse, a computer programmer with guns bolted to his hands, an FBI agent who infiltrates a Neo-Nazi gang, and a South African political prisoner. No magic wands anywhere to be found there.


The Lost City Of D sounds like the kind of romantic adventure rarely seen on the big screen nowadays, so it could be a breath of fresh air for audiences. Perhaps that’s why Bullock is invested enough to not only star in an era where she’s picking her projects carefully, but also produce.


Radcliffe’s latest role was as aforementioned anti-apartheid political prisoner Tim Jenkin in Escape From Pretoria. This is his only announced film role in the works at the moment. Prior to the pandemic, he had been spending time playing Clov in an adaptation of Samuel Beckett‘s play, Endgame.



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