Danish Band To Absent Friends Unveil Brand New Single ‘Take It Or Leave It’ | Music News


To Absent Friends‘ latest single “Take It Or Leave It” was released on February 28! It is part of their upcoming debut album Smoke & Mirrors, which is divided into two parts, and will be released separately during this year 2020. The first part SMOKE will be released on June 5 and the second part MIRRORS will be released later in the year.


The Danish rock band that started out as a duo in 2017 and is now a band of five, toured Denmark in the spring of 2019 to present their upcoming album Smoke & Mirrors. They have a reputation for doing very energetic and powerful live shows. Their last show of 2019 was with Norwegian pop star FIEH in Copenhagen to a sold-out audience.


Bands Of Tomorrow has written about their performances: “To Absent Friends most certainly lit the crowd with cutting melodic guitar-riffs, reckless serenades and charming laid-back attitude”.


The single “Take It Or Leave It” is a modern and energetic piece of rock. Through the lyrics, the band makes us discover their lunatic universe. The song is about the intense fascination and the loss of all logic and common sense that we can feel when we meet the gaze of a stranger who attracts us.


Listen to it here:





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