Danish Rock Icon Passes Away At The Age Of 72 | Music News


It was a sad day on Sunday September, 30 as the news of the beloved musician Kim Larsen passing shook through the Danish community. The much beloved musician was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year and it would seem that the illness has now gotten the better of him.


Throughout today and yesterday, the Danes have been mourning the loss of the rock icon, leaving flowers, cigarettes, beer and other things that characterized the man in front of his home in Odense, Denmark. Also, the Danes lit up candles on their windowsill to show the true value of the artist to the Danish community.


Kim Larsen had a long and very successful career, starting off in the 1970’s when he formed the band Gasolin with three of his friends and achieved huge success writing hit songs such as “This Is My Life” and “Masser Af Success“, but eventually went solo and achieved even greater success with songs such as “Midt Om Natten“, “Jutlandia” and “Byens Hotel“, reaching a total of 5 million copies of his albums sold, a figure never before seen in Danish music.


The passing of the beloved musician spread far and wide, and managed to get the attention of the hugely famous Irish rock band U2 who dedicated that nights concert to the much loved musician, by showing a large picture of Kim, and by quoting Kim’s song “This Is My Life” during the concert.


May he rest in peace.



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