Danny Boyle To Direct Michael B. Jordan Movie ‘Methuselah’ For Warner Bros. | Film News


Danny Boyle has signed on to direct Michael B. Jordan in upcoming Warner Bros. project Methuselah. Tony Gilroy has written the latest draft of the screenplay, and Jon Watts was previously in talks for the film a year ago before MCU Spider-Man commitments took too much of his time.


The project has been in development for several years. It revolves around the Biblical figure who supposedly lived to be 969 years old thanks to his survival skills. It was originally envisioned as a starring vehicle for Tom Cruise, but reportedly the concept has changed in recent years. The new approach has led to the studio hoping Methuselah will spark – you’ll never guess – a new franchise for Jordan.


Expect Boyle to bring in his frequent collaborator Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) to rewrite the script. Jordan is also producing the film via his Outlier Society banner along with Alana Mayo.


How Jordan will fit Methuselah into his busy schedule – especially if it turns into a franchise about a 969 year old man – is unclear, as he’s got plenty of projects lined up.


They include David O. Russell‘s next film with Christian Bale and Margot Robbie, Denzel Washington‘s drama Journal For Jordan, and multiple projects he’s producing at Outlier Society. He’s also already wrapped Without Remorse, which is slated to hit cinemas Friday, October 2.


Boyle is coming off the box office success Yesterday, which grossed $153 million worldwide on just a $26 million budget. He nearly directed latest James Bond instalment No Time To Die, before exiting the project due to creative differences.


Boyle and Jordan teaming up should be a recipe for success, although who knows how Methuselah has been revised conceptually for more franchise potential.



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